Qandeel Baloch: Killed By Her Brother

Qandeel Baloch The Pakistani Social Media Celebrity killed by her brother on Friday night in Multan.

We all know Qandeel Baloch from Pakistan. She has come into the limelight when she has given some inappropriate comments on social media against Indian Cricket team. Whether she is always aginst speak India but at this time we have to say that she is the true love for her country.

qandeel baloch killed by her brother in multan

According to the sources now she is living in Multan with her parents. She has got some fight with her brother on any topic. The fight went away and her brother killed her on Friday night.

Parents also told that they can’t find the body on Friday they got the body on Saturday morning.

qandeel baloch killed by her brother in multan

The main topic is on the dishonoring family reputation by actively on social media and posting odd pics and videos.

She was killed by her brother Wasim 30, on Friday Night.

We can call her the Pakistani Kim Kardashian and Poonam Pandey.

qandeel baloch killed by her brother in multan

Brother is asking her to quit modeling and settle with her family. But the topic has gone so far that this happen.

According to sources, Wasim told that family is upset with her work posting odd pics and videos on social media. All this is bringing a Bad name to the family.

The police of Multan is not getting their hand on Wait till now he ran away from the house. But they arrested their parents and interrogating them.

qandeel baloch killed by her brother in multan

This brings all the eyes in the Pakistan that Hundreds of women kills by their families to quite their passion. This also brings one question that Muslim girls have no right to do anything according to them.

Miss Baloch Put her first video on social media in 2014 asking Pakistan fan that “how’s I m looking” and this video went viral and after this she active on social media and now having millions of fans on and off the net.


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