Marry This Girl And Win 1200 Crore Rs

This girl is from Hong Kong, will you marry this girl if y you can you will get rs 1200 crore as the gift from her father.


If you are searching for your bride then take a look at this girl from hong kong she is the daughter of the Businessman from hong kong. The father is finding a man for his daughter if anyone will marry this girl whether the boy from anywhere you will get 1200 crore rs as the gift from this businessman.

Father’s bet for the marriage.


Sesil Chau a Business tycoon from hong kong is giving the open bet to the world boys that if anyone marries her daughter then he will pay rs 1200 crore as win price. Before the payment is only 400 crore but this time he increases the prize because her daughter is crossing 33 years old. He wants her marriage to as soon as possible before the time ran away from their hand. The main problem is that the girl is a Lesbian she doesn’t want to marry any boy. She said that she only want to live with her Wife partner. For this reason, father is paying this type of prize for anyone who can marry to his daughter.

Many Young men fail in achieving the target.


After the launching of this offer from this business man, there are 20,000 peoples make try and all of them can’t win the heart of this young girl to marry them. Many of them try to finish their relationship which is 9 years old but they also get fail in this. After all this Sesil Chau is also in this hope that any boy from any country and from any family marry his daughter. He doesn’t need any boy from the rich family, their demo is only to marry his daughter whether the boy is from the poor family after marriage he will give him a lot of amounts after which he will not be poor.


After all this who can win the heart of this girl and marry her? After marriage, the days of the boy will change.

So, Guys be ready to propose this girl who knows you are the lucky one.

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