Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo from the serial Ishbaaz got into the fight by which Leenesh get his nose break in a fight during.

Kunal Jaisingh who play the role of Omkar in TV serial Ishqbaaz broke the nose of his co-star Leenesh Mattoo during the shoot.

Kunal Jaisingh Broke Leenesh Mattoo Nose In Real Life anni99

Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh Mattoo who play the role of Rudra got intrupt with some strangers during the party. During this fight, the elder brother on set came to help him. During the fight with goons, Kunal punches on Leenesh nose. Due to getting a hard punch on Nose, he starts bleeding and admitted to nearby hospital.

Kunal Jaisingh Broke Leenesh Mattoo Nose In Real Life anni99

Kunal Jaisingh does not broke his co-star nose personally. It was just an accident that happens during living reel life that occurs in real life. Ishqbaaz is basically based on three brothers and running successfully on Television and winning million of the heart of the audience.

Kunal Jaisingh Broke Leenesh Mattoo Nose In Real Life anni99

According to Leenesh Mattoo, his nose got bleeding on the spot after which they went to the nearby hospital for a checkup. Kunal Jaisingh does not have any mistake but he is apologizing again and again for this. Mattoo also told that Kunal went with him during the checkup and spent all the time with him in the hospital. After this, he also added that he is happy to get a friend like Kunal.

Kunal Jaisingh Broke Leenesh Mattoo Nose In Real Life anni99

Kunal Jaisingh is basically an Indian Television actor. He started her career from the shows like The buddy Project on Chanel V, Yeh Hai Aashiqui on Bindaas and Doli Armaano Ki on Zee TV. Apart from this, he has a little career on TV and till yet has not worked in any other serial and commercial.

Kunal Jaisingh Broke Leenesh Mattoo Nose In Real Life anni99

Leenesh Mattoo is basically from Jammu but his birth is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He makes his debut on Television from the serial Suhani Si Ek Ladki in 2014.


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