This is true you can get iPhone 7 in just payment of rupees 1700 only if you have Aadhar card with these methods with easy installments

Apple company has launched its new iPhone 7 in the market with a boom. But many of us can’t take it because of its high price. For that reason, the company brings a new scheme under which you can get this phone in just a payment of 1700 only.

iPhone 7 In Just Payment Of 1700 Only With These Method

Yes, this is true and confirmed news from the company. iPhone 7 is just launched worldwide but soon it will launch in India with an estimated price of 60,000. Everyone can’t take it because of its high price. But for that company launched its scheme. if you have Aadhar card then you can get this phone in easy installment.

If you are thinking to get iPhone 7 then now you can get it. If you have Aadhar card then you will get in just 1700 rupees. According to the sources from the company, they are launching the phone in India soon. Under this scheme, you will get 7 and 7 Plus by paying 1700 rupees only.

Under this scheme, you have to submit your Aadhar card to the company with 1700 rupees. After this, you can make easy installment according to your budget minimum of rupees 1000. You can also book this phone before its launching in India with the minimum amount of rs 1000 to any iPhone 7 showroom.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus will launch to Indian market on 7 October. New Zed black variant will launch with two variants of 128 GB and 256 GB. Other colors will launch with 32 GB variants. Till now Apple company released its 32 GB variant price and it will be around 60,000.

This scheme of Apple company will give the boom to Indian market sale of its new device iPhone 7. After launching its new phone company discontinued their old version because of this price of old version get down by 50%.


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