How A Man Can Pregnant 13 Women At A Time?

Pregnant, We all love this word if this happens to our family and that time the family makes festivals. Now think if a single man does 13 women pregnant at a time so what happen then.


Yes, this is true a man from Nigeria has 13 wives. The main thing is that he did the thing that no one can think about it. We think it’s impossible to pregnant all the wives at a time.

In the world there are many things happens on which we have to think that, How can it Possible? The Same Situation happens after watching this pic. In this pic, their is only one thing common is that man in the middle he is the husband for all the women standing in the pic around him.


Yes, You all are thinking is right all ladies have the child in their stomach and the main thing is that the father of all child is only one person.OMG! This is the same expression comes to our mind also.

This man is from Nigeria and having 13 wives and all the wives has the fantastic understanding between all of them. They care all of them and never fight for anything. All of the women are happy and say that they are the lucky ones to have the husband like this man.


A full trauma in the mind after watching this news. My answer is a big YES and what yours. There are two things in this story that are out of our mind. Those are the first thing is that how this man makes this possible. What are the techniques that are made by him to do this. Main thing and at the same time for this they have done a good calculation and the another thing that giving trauma is that how all these women can happy with each other, which type of trick or black magic does this man do for all these women.

We love to listen to your views on this situation. What will you do if this thing happens with you? Please leave your reviews on this topic we need a help to understand this.

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