Dhanush Tamil superstar who got into fame from the song Kolaveri Di and movie Ranjhana is ready to Debut In Hollywood Industry from January 2017

Tamil superstar actor Dhanush is now busy with his project in Tamil. After this project, he will move to Hollywood Industry to make his first movie in there. This will be his debut for the international project The Extraordinary Journey Of A Fakir Who Got Trapped In An Ikea Cupboard, from January 2017.

Dhanush Tamil Superstar Is Ready Debut In Hollywood In January 2017 anni99.comThis project of Dhanush is going to start soon but for some reason, this was postponed to January. According to the source of the National Award Winning Actor told that the story of the Hollywood Film is based on a Novel. The name of the film is same as the title and this film will be directed by Iranian filmmaker Marjane Satrapi.

According to the script of the film, Dhanush will play the role of Aja, a conjurer from Indian colony artist. He will send to Paris on the secret mission with his mother. In this film, there will be two Hollywood actresses Uma Thurman and Alexandra Daddario.

Dhanush Tamil Superstar Is Ready Debut In Hollywood In January 2017 anni99.com

Uma Thurman will play the lead role against Dhanush. While Alexandra will play another important role according to the script of the film. This project will start from January 2017 and director of the film want to finish shoot as soon as possible. So that they can release his film soon. Because due to some reason the shooting of the film has been postponed and they have delayed it earlier. Due to, his Tamil project the Hollywood film got postponed.

Dhanush is now busy with his first directorial project in Tamil Power Pandi. In this film, the star cast he has selected is Rajkiran, Prasanna, and Chaya Singh. He took help of social media to release the first trailer of his movie and announces that this will be his first project as director. Finally, he will get what he deserved after winning national award for his acting. As a result,


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