Banned Movies From Bollywood, Internationally Accepted

Banned movies are normal in Bollywood Industry we can listen. Many movies from Bollywood banned from releasing.

In Indian cinema, there are many movies those banned from releasing. You can understand the pain of the producers those put their lot of money and manpower for making a film.

So here we are going to provide 7 movies those are banned from Indian Cinemas while they are running successfully internationally.



This movie is based upon the rape victim from Delhi. By which entire nation shook up in 2012.



This movie has won many international awards but banned from our country because there are many scenes clearly shown for the Lesbians.



This movie is based on the bomb blast in 1993. This movie was produced by Anurag Kashyap and he has not very well  relation with sensor board. There are plenty of movies those are stuck in censor board of this producer.



This movie is based upon the Gujarat Riots. It shows the effects happen there after the riots. In this film, there are many famous actors working got awards internationally for there acting like Paresh Rawal, Naseeruddin Shah.



This movie showed the effects of massacred of Sikh families after the assassination of Indra Gandhi. This film stopped to show in India Cinema because it can hurt the society or it shows the reality of Indian Leaders.



This film shows the true love between two women we can call it based on the lesbian. This film won many awards across the globe but never seen in Indian Cinemas.



This film shows the reality of Kashmir and the story based on a boy who wants to be the star. But his visa does not accept due to her Father past.

These are some movies those are not seen in Indian Cinemas due to their story. Can anyone tell that who are responsible for our thinking?


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