11 Hilarious Security Check On Airport After 11 Sep.

After the Incident of 11 September airport security just tighten all over the world and mainly the security checks are increased in urban communities of the world and one traveling to the west will go under the extra surveillance checks at the airport. The peoples traveling via planes are going under the embarrassing massive checks at the airport. All these checks are done by the security agency to save them but many times the checking is going too far that someone will irritate by those checks happening at the airports. These checks have both up’s and downs of their checking.

Now let’s have some look on the hilarious movements catch in the camera during the airport check in and don’t irritate next time traveling via plane if this happens with you. Always be ready for all this at the airport because next can be you for these types of checking on the airport

Would any armor/weapon can hide in this gap?


Well, We think that this girl did not want any check because everything is quite clear.


This guy got naked before the security check for his time-saving


Where will be the weapons should this girl hide?


Can anyone guess what this security crew really finding theirs?


This will be the oops movement for this girl at the Airport.


OMG, what she is doing?


Sure he will see the gun.


Taking the measurement or doing the checking process


This girl got the feelings on the touch oh her chest by the security.


Now next time we will take the flight to any place be ready to get the check at all the private parts to be checked. And be ready to get undraped on the airport because after watching these pics I m thinking should we have to also go through this security check.

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