You Will Get Tears After Watching, This Photographer Series On Silenced Rape Victims

In Rapes, there is no fault done by women. Always get it in your head that when a girl wears a short skirt it not means that you will go and touch her its mean that you should give her a compliment about her dressing sense that the dress suits her, If she is drunk she is not an opportunity to you it’s been the responsibility to you. Take her to home and save her from the society eyes not rape her. Rape is always the fault of man. No girls ask the man to rape her. This should be in everyone mind that all the raps are the fault of the man. Rape can be stopped when men change their thinking about women. These can’t be stopped by changing clothes, not getting the drink by the women.

Yana Mazurkevich a photographer from Belarusian make a photo series on this, nd tell the world about the feeling of the silent rape victims. The series of the photograph is just powerful that it bring tears to our eyes. He gave the title to the series is “Dear Brock Turner”. He out his series when the biggest rape case disturbing America. All this is done by him on Social media to spread awareness to all the guys.

Let’s has looked at that photograph and try your mind to understand the feeling of the photo then you will reveal the depth of each photograph.









After watching these pics we think that you all just bring a change of your mind about the girls with different things. They are also Human Beings they are also want to enjoy their life it’s not mean that if they are enjoying in their way then will be an opportunity to you. Please, change your thought about other also.

If you want to say anything about these pics please write in comments we will go through on that.

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