Upasna Singh (Bua) Will Join Kapil Again If……

Upasna Singh (Bua) is out of Comedy Night Live and now thinking to join Kapil Show again if Kapil…


Upasna Singh but we are familier with Bua of Bittu Sharma on Comedy Night with Kapil. Now she is decided to quite the Krushna Abhishek Comedy Nights Live. She express her wish to join Kapil Show Again But on One condition.

Upasna Singh very talented actress who is famous with Kapil Sharma Show She is now ready again to join the show if Kapil offer her a abudent things to do the work. she does not want to be again cameos of the show.

Upasna said to the media that she is comfortable with working in Kapil show she had a great time when working with them and she got famous by Kapil Sharma Show.


Upasna say clear that she had no future planning and idea for returning to the Comedy Night Live. According to a report available on entertainment site she had clear mention that why she is leaving the show. she clear that after working for 4 months in Krushna Show she only get paid for 2 days only. Upasna is done a scene in “Santoshi Maa” wreck the image of production house and say Optimystix Production House is not the Single Production house which provided work to the actors their are many other production houses where actors got work and get paid regular. Upasna not take a pause she than added that Jrushna show is dead show and she have the worst experience of her from his last 18 year long career.

Now this move taken by Upasna singh will again turn the table towards Kapil sharma show which is getting good response fromthe audience and as we all know this will bring some more good news to this show and we will soon see Bua again on the show.

As we think Kapil will Listening Upasna.


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