Twitter Get Furious Comment On Poster Of Rajnikanth On Plane

Kabali themed Autocraft is going to pick up all the fans from different cities to Chennai on the releasing of the film Kabali.


We all the stardom fo our Favorite superstar RajniKanth. His fans’ rage is surpassing circumscription and it continue to exact one can’t believe. On the day when his movie releases the poster of the superstar gets the royal milkybath. And  We think that you all may be know that this man has the supernatural power to attach with the audience heart in one scene that why the fans of this superstar gone beyond the line.

The low-cost Malaysian Airline Air-Asia is the official partner of this film promote his film in their unique ways. In which they paint their all the Aircraft with the poster of upcoming Film Kabali. After watching this, Fans of this superstar can’t hold themselves by their unique comments on this. Now Twitter is getting Unlimited comments on this and many of the comments are beyond the line and many of them are just a thing by which we can’t stop laughing. And the company also run their aircraft on the first day of the release of the film. They will pick fans from the different cities through the Kabali Theme Aircraft to Chennai where the film is going to release.

Take a look at the tweets which are given by the fans of the superstar:-







Now we can say that this is the Father of all the promotion as we all see from our eyes in this century. We can give this promotion an Award with the name of Promotion Of The Century. We all Love this star and his all the film come to the theaters and now, this time, we hope that this film will go to break all the records make by many of the film and the film done by this star in past.

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