Twinkle Thought Of Second Marrige: Tashan-E-Ishq

When Yuvi is checking hotels for finding Twinkle and thinking where should be Twinkle can go. Twinkle is in the nest lodge. She is talking to her baby and saying him that he should know why she left home. This lounge is the usual lounge where Kunj and Twinkle go usually. Now Twinkle is living their alone with her old good day’s memories she was praying that there will be Kunj with her.


Pallavi also goes to that same lodge with Kunj and she came to know that this the same place where Kunj bring twinkle frequently. On the other side, Twinkle goes to the room and ask her baby to check the room. Kashvi is hungry and asks Kunj to have the breakfast because it was essential before the operation.


Twinkle getting some strange feeling that kind is around her than she thought that they both were coming their frequently so she also thought that he is always in her heart and in her mind. Then she remembers about dancing in the romantic mood and then she started crying.


On the home, Manohar called the police and ask them to file the report of missing Twinkle, but police say that they are unable to file the report before 24 hours. Babe thinks that the things happening in the home are because of her rubbish talk about the marriage. Yuvi said that before leaving the house she should think about her child he wants to be with her .

tashan-e-ishq anni

In the restaurant, Twinkle went where she watch Kunj who has ordered the coffee and didn’t like the coffee and then he asked the waiter to make it again that the waiter brings him another coffee after taste that coffee Kunj asks the waiter who make it then waiter told him a lady make this coffee.


Twinkle went from the restaurant before Kunj can find her and then Pallavi enters and tell kind that the preparation of operation is complete than both of the leave. After that, Kunj went to gurudwara and pray that he should find Twinkle. On home, babe gets unconscious during the thought that all rubbish talk bring all this problem in the house.


After many problems, Yuvi is successful to find Twinkle and then Yuvi shout on twinkle and said to her to come to a home with him.Then Twinkle refused him and start crying and tell him about the baby.

When Kunj in the surgery room then twinkle and Yuvi went to the hospital to watch baby where Leela catch twinkle and blame her for the babe condition. Doctor and Pallavi went to Kunj surgery. And then Doctor told the family that baby is out of danger.

Kunj operation is getting successful the twinkle says sorry to everyone and said she would never do it again in her life. Leela told her that living alone is not so good.Pallavi told the family that kind will soon available to watch her face.

Then they feel the pain twinkle is having when she misses her father. She has to take her own decision.

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