Tremendous Response By Sultan – Sensor Board

From past few days Sensor Board in the news for his Behaviour for the films and cutting the scenes from the films. But after watching the movie Sultan Sensor board says that this movie is Tremendous and will break all the records. Sensor board is happy with the film and give U/A certificate to the film. With this, their is no cut in the film. They say that in Salman movies there are not scenes like on which they have to cut and which can be cut from the film. Salman movies never make headlines or not make any type of controversies.


Sensor board penal watch the film and happy from the film story. According to the Sensor sources, they say that Sultan will be the best film and break all the records on the Box-Office. The audience will love the movie.


After listening to this news fans of Salman will be happy. This film will make records in the opening, this will be true. If film enters the 300 crore group than this will not be surprising for them.


This news is great for the makers, Salman, and fans. That this movie is the best and break all records on the opening.

This movie is based on Sultan Ali Khan. He is a local wrestling champion and his dream is to play in Olympics for his country India.


This story is also about Afra a girl which is also from a small town like Sultan.

When these both wrestlers meet each other than the romance is gone up high and their dream also get together.


As well the road to success is gone from mountains. To be on the peak you have to travel long and you will fall many times.

This story is a classic underdog in which the wrestler fight against all the situation against him and want to come back. When he has nothing to loose and this will be the fight from which he can gain many things in his life. For this, he fights.

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