See MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 1 With All Contestant List

Now the fight starts for true love Splitsvilla 9 is back with 6 princesses and 15 boys. You will find this season will be the best.



MTV Splitsvilla is back with new season 9, this time, you get more betrayal more fight to get the true love, this time, their will be 6 Princess and 15 Celebrity boys would have betrayal for true love.  the starting of 1 episode of Splitsvilla 9 with the introduction of boys. Here you will find a couple from the previous MTV Roadies. Host and the gorgeous Sunny leone enters in her unique style by riding the horse and contestants get them all the introduction and chatting about their true love and how they dream about their dream girl. Many of them surprise anchors about their thoughts whether they like butt or a nice figure to be most appealing to girls.

After all the chatting and introduction of boys and anchors, boys are then taken to the villa where they meet their 6 Princess near the pool. all the 6 princesses introduced herself one after the other and the celebrity boys are do nothing but stare all the girls in a shocking manner like they really seen the real princess in front of them. But don’t forget this is Splitsvilla than the  game start with the new twist to boys that they are not allowed to dump any of the princesses this twist give a shock to all the boys.

This time many rules change in the game like now, this time, their will be no King Ruling in the game. Only the princess will decide which guy have to put in the safe zone from the 15 celebs boys this will tough to all the girls to find out the right guy.

After a long journey of episode 1 of Splitsvilla 9 season, we have to say just its a common entertaining till now. After a long discussion, we only say that if the 6 princesses will control the show and all these girls will be the main center of the show. If the girls and boys don’t entertain us then the show will again focus only on Ranvijay and Sunny Leone and they both will entertain us through out this season.

Here is the list of all the contestants for all those who miss the show:-


1)Aditya Singh Rajput
2)Varun Sood
4) Nikhil Sachdeva
5) Anuranjan Awasthi
6) Ishaan Singh Manhas
7) Karan Chhabra
8) Karan Khanna
9) Archie
10) Abhishek
11) Harshit
12) Subhashish
13) Akhil
14) Sushant

1) Kavya
5) Neharika
6) Rajnandani

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