Should Salman And Amir Would Be the Part of Andaz Apna Apna Remake

Yes, this is true our favorite film Andaz Apna Apna from 1994 is going to make the remake with the same star cast. After a long decision now Salman and Amir is going to make the remake of the sect film Andaz Apna Apna. This film will be produced by Phantom Films.


Copyright of this film will be with the Preeti Sinha daughter of the Vinay Singh he is the producer of the first part and financed the first part in 1994.

According to reports Preeti give rights to make films to the Phantom Films and she is collaborating for this film. According to a source to anni99  “It will be an in-house director at the steerage, if not Vikas Bahl, it will be Vikramaditya Motwane.”


The story of the film is ready but the makers do not reveal any other information for the film.

The first part of this film released in 1994 but at the time of release it does not do well but as the time go the movie hit the box office and then this film won the millions of heart and this film is the landmark of that time.In the film, Salman and Amir play the same role who want to marry a rich industrialist daughter and want to marry her the daughter role was played by Raveena Tandon, Who came to India for finding Indian Husband.


And there are many other characters in this film who won hearts will their roles in the movie like Maser Gogo played by Shakti Kapoor the famous dialogue is ” aaya huin to kuch to le kr jayunga” other than this there are Teja, Robert, and Bhalla. This film is loved by everyone from the 90’s this film is full of comedy and everyone love to watch this film again.

But the question coming that should the remake of this film would leave the same impact like the first film.

After the confirmation of this film releasing the twitter is full of this film supporting.



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