Did Anyone Remember Elizabeth Russell From “Lagaan”? Look Her Updated Photos Here

Anyone remember the actress Elizabeth Russell From Movie “Lagaan”


Hollywood Model and Actress, Got fame and Popularity after doing the role of Elizabeth Russell in Movie Lagaan And she also play Helena Peabody role in the movie “The L Word”


Elizabeth Russell is from England, Born on August 25, 1969,she completed study in BA Hons in Drama and English From Sheffield University. After completing Her studies she went to London for completing her dream of acting.

Rachel Shelley is out of B-Town from long time and this is how she looks like now!



She also write articles For DIVA Magazine and The Guardian.



At, Present she lives in London With Her Husband Matthew Parkhill,TV Director, Producer and writer  and this couple has a baby of 6 yr Daughter.



Now She looks gorgeous.

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