Shocking! Bollywood Actress Rakhi Sawant got arrested by Punjab Police in Mumbai for making an inappropriate statement on Lord Valmiki and his followers…

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant back in the headline for making Derogatory Remark on Lord Valmiki. But this time she can’t refuse the results of this type of statements making by her again and again. On 4 April Punjab Police arrested Rakhi in Mumbai.

Rakhi Sawant Arrested For Making Derogatory Remark On Valmiki

This case is started in the year 2016 when Advocate Narinder Aditya file PIL against Rakhi Sawant. The case file against her for Provoke religious feelings. Rakhi Sawant said that Maharishi Valmiki the bandit and then became a saint, in the same way, Singer Mika Singh has also changed and now he has become good.

This case is filed against Rakhi Sawant in Punjab. After a year when court sending Summons to present in court. After so many calling from court now on 9 April. Then court released the Arrest warrant against Rakhi Sawant. When Punjab Police reach Mumbai for arresting her then they came to know that the address provided by her was fake. After that police start the search operation and today on 4 April they finally arrested her.

This news is confirmed by the Police officials and Nia report it to other media. NIA tweet about Rakhi Sawant arrested that “Mumbai-Rakhi Sawant arrested by Punjab Police.She is arrested over the case filed against her for making derogatory remarks on Valmiki”. This case is filed by an advocate told the court that. She makes the suspicious┬ástatement of Maharshi Valmiki. Which hurting sentiments of Valmiki followers.

The complainant says that by doing so, Rakhi Sawant has hurt the feelings of the followers of Maharishi. Despite repeated summons sent by the court, Rakhi did not appear at the hearing on March 9. After which the court issued the warrant for Rakhi’s arrest. The court has fixed the date for next hearing on April 10.


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