Priyanka Chopra Is Going To Marry This Guy, Really?

According to reports, Priyanka is in an affair with a guy in Los Angeles and they both are in a relation ship.


Yes, you all listen correct Priyanka our favorite actress is going to marry a guy who lives in Los Angeles. According to the sources, she is in a relation ship with this man while she was shooting for her Hollywood TV series Quantico. They met they are after that they go into the relationship. The man is live in Los angles he is a low profile person so that why he does not want to come to the limelight.


But our sources must be correct because many people living they see them both together for a while and some listen to them to talk with each other. Why a superstar will talk to a low profile man in secret and met him secretly behind the cameras?

Yes, PeeCee is dating a guy. And her mother gives clue to the media by saying that she will go to marry soon after completing her project. She is now working on the project for his upcoming film under her production house this is the first film to be released. The named of the film under her production will be “Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi” this is the Bhojpuri project doing by her.


We have listened many links of this bold actress with Hollywood stars like many times she is linked with Shahid Kapoor, Harman Bhaweja or it will Aseem Merchant. But now, this time, we have to watch about her link with this NRI guy. How much long this link went in future. Till now we have not found the pic of this guy we are working on it as soon as we will found the pic of this guy we will share with you.

After all this, we only want to say that if she was really going to marry than millions of hearts will break and one of will be mine also LOL.

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