Priyanka Chopra And Jennifer Lopez will feature in Enrique Iglesias’s Song Video

New Delhi: This will be a jaw-dropping news for many of us Priyanka Chopra will now feature in Enrique Iglesias’s video song.



Priyanka Chopra may return from Hollywood to India but her work in Hollywood is increasing day by day she is now moving to conquer the west. After successful releasing of her singles song with her own recording artist, PeeCee now make a special appearance with Enrique Iglesias video song title “Don’t you need somebody” with the pop icon of Hollywood Jennifer Lopez, TV and radio anchor Ryan Seacrest and Akon, among others. This video is a part of A debut album of the Moroccan-Swedish artist, nadir khayat As a news Prinka Chopra wear a jumpsuit in video and looking damn so good, by her appearance she take music video far ahead.


This music video is released by RedOne with the professional name Moroccan-Swedish as produces and nadir khayat as singer and song writer. Priyanka Chopra will be a face of this song with her partner Jennifer Lopez and there will be many other famous singers will be there as R City, Serayah, and Shaggy also in this video song.

RedOne is also working before with many famous artists like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Pitbull, U2 these are few names and there is a long list available of the famous name and previous partner of RedOne. This new video song will again bring the best stars from the galaxy in it and now, this time, their will be the first time to be Indian artist working in it.



This video song will bring many sports and glamor stars together and this will be a best lip-syncing of lyrics and all these stars will show their moves. Some name of stars is J. Lopez, C. Ronaldo, S.L. Jackson and R. Seacrest.

In this video like other celebrity Priyanka will sing with the words, she acts to mimic all the words in the song. As other celebrities, she will appear in few frames. The best part will be She will wear a jumpsuit for the video and looking Gorgeous.

Now we are waiting for the releasing of this video song and we will bet you that in this video song Priyanka will beat many of other celebrity.

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