Princesses Will Fill Glamour In Bikini On the First Episode of Splitsvilla

Splitsvilla 9 season on MTV starts with a bang where Princesses will rule the celebrity boys. The Previous Shows are also gone hit.


On this season, there will be 6 Princesses and 15 celebrity boys will fight for love and friendship, this time, their battle will be different.

This season of Splitsvilla with the introduction of princesses and celebrity boys where they all talk about their likes and dislikes. In this season, all are shocked by the new rule where boys are not allowed to dump girls.

Another change in this season is that there will be no king rule. By listening about this rule all the boys get a trauma.

In the first episode, their are 3 boys gone to the risk zone now we will see who will stay and who will leave the villa in next episode. This task is named as ‘patate raho session‘ at the poolside where the princess looks gorgeous in sports bikini and all the boys in shorts. This task is for the girls where they have to choose the boy with the worst body and the Karan Chhabra is the main focus by all the girls and for completing this task girls have to throw cream on the face of the boys if they dislike him and if love their body they have to kiss on the cheeks of the boys.


But the real entertainment starts when the host of the show Sunny Leone and Ranvijay starts question and try to get some dirty mystery from the minds of the girls than one of the girls says that all the boys are dogs and they have to train and the host asks many other questions in the show you will get to the episode for those question.

Splitsvilla is hosted by Super appealing Sunny Leone and Roadies winner Ranvijay Singh.

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