Mouni Roy Dressed Up Like Disney Princes And Looking Awesome…

At earlier age we all listen stories offairy tales of princes like Snow White, Jasmine and Cindrella but we all see them om television in cartton character and all those look awesome but now you can see a indian version of JASMINE that make by our Favouraite TV actress Mouni Roy and she proov all those stories coming true she is looking gorgious awesome in Jasmin make up.

Mouni Roy now hosting ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, in this she dressed up like a princess and set up goals and giving tough competition forall the INDIAN Beauties by getting dressing up like as Princess Jasmine for the show.

mouni roy #anni

She is looking so awesome that now she is giving tough competition to real Princess Jasmine.

mouni roy #anni1

Mouni Roy just done a wonderfull work and bring all dreams come true. She proved that Indian can also be those Princess.

mouni roy #anni2

All wishes come true. Who knows you might get a fairy-tale ending.

And  now we all waitng for Mr. Aladdin!

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