Monkey Robs Rs 10,000 From A Jewellery Shop

Yes, this true incident happens in a jewelry shop a monkey robbed a shop by 10,000 rs.

Robbery in India is a common thing but getting robbed by a monkey is unusual in listening and in seeing.If the robbery is done by human we can catch him and get all our robbed things back but when monkey robbed what will you do? Can’t you just try your hands or you can’t report case against the monkey?


This incident happens in eastern in India jewelry shop. In CCTV footage, we are seeing that monkey enters the shop running around in the shop and sit on the cashier chair like a boss and then gently monkey open the draw where all the cash and then monkey pull money. The worker in the shop try to divert the monkey by giving him banana but monkey just ran from their as soon as monkey got the money

People in the store run behind it, but all in arrogant.

According to the worker monkey came to the shop twice first time he can’t grab anything and gone silently.

As seen this is a hilarious incident but this is a very serious talk running in the police department because nowadays there are several cases coming from the country that the crimes are committing by animals. But we have to see that this is a mistake of the monkey or it is doing by any gang.


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