Mom Say’s To Do Unclad Scene In Film – Neha Mahajan

A film came in 2012 ‘Midnight Children’ the actress of this film Neha Mahajan, Now her unclad scene video is going viral of which there are a lot of controversies roaming in the market. In this scene, Neha is in the bed with a man. In this scene, there is no cloth on her body and she is in other man hands. This video starts from Mumbai and now going viral on whats app and other social media sites. After the going viral of this video Neha speaks to media tell them the Truth.


According to the reports submitted to Anni99, this scene is from the Malayalam film “Chaya Priya Vida” in this film this actress gone unclad. In this video she also takes shower. On this, the actress said that all this is her work and there is nothing wrong in the video. She also tells that all these things are also known by her mother and father. After getting permission from her parents she done this scene.

On this film, Sensor Board also gives bad response on the unclad scene of the actress. Sensor wants to cut the scene of this actor where she went unclad, But the producer Santosh Babusen and Satish Babusen got to court against the Sensor Board.


Court reject the notice given by Sensor board and they release the film by giving ‘A’ certificate to the film. This film is also screen in 20th International Film Festival Of Kerala. Rather some of the peoples looking all these incidents in another way.

Some people’s saying that all these things are only for the marketing strategy of the film because all the video is going viral on social media and what’s app as a video. After the reality of video come to every one eye, Now we can understand that Actors and Producers can go to such extent to get famous or we can say to gain popularity of themselves.

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