Martina Thariyan Became The First Queen On Splitsvilla

Splitsvilla became the war zone today’s night because for the selection of the first queen of the game.


Reality love shows Splitsvilla 9 is getting the most interesting show for the audience last night. This show is based on love and reality of its. Last night witnessed the stress between the contestant and the audience for who will become the queen of the villa.


First dumping round of the show held last night in which Ishan and Sushant get eliminates and the first person to compete in the dumping ground is Abhishek. On this night we all see the difference make by the makers in the past show and in this show all the things are unique in this show like its rules and the game also changes.


Our Lovely pair of Ranvijay and Sunny Leone has the responsibility to host the show and they are doing it in their cool way. This show has become more excited as the episode come, this time only the queen will rule the whole villa and this time there will be no King of the villa.

For this, the makers and the publishers give the show a tagline “Where Women Rule”. Then there is the task for the girls and the princesses play the task in very well manner.


The task given to the girls is not tough it based on the method and will of them. The first girl who passes the task are Neha and Archie. Mayuri made the way to the final in her first attempt. The task is a fighting arena between the girls and loser will out of the task and the winner continue to the task. In the task, Kavya fell down 3 times by mistakes done by Nikhil. Martina reach to the final on the second position and then the final is going to be between Martina and Mayuri. In the first round Martina makes up but in the second round Mayuri got up and surprised everybody by her skills and then she win the second round very easily after this the third round start in this Martina put all her power to win the task and her power help and the third and the final round win by Martina and the she became the First Queen of the Villa.

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