Man Marry With His Smart Phone

  • A Man Marry to his mobile in Las Vegas. The information is get up by the local and famous news paper. The marriage happens in Little Vegas Chapel Church.


We all love our phone  but we never get the thought to marry with our mobile. But a  man in las vegas get marry to his mobile and reach to the height of their love. The function of the marriage is like the normal wedding happens in las vegas. But the difference in marriage is that the bride is pack in the box.

The marriage is done by an Artist Director Aeron and happens in Las Vegas which is situated 365 km away from Los Angeles. In Little Vegas Chappel this marriage takes place and Father Chervenak completed all the rituals of the marriage. Father ask some question to Aeron that will you be the husband of the smartphone legally? Will you give respect to her and never discomfort your wife or smartphone. Ant the replies given to all the question given by Aeron is in Positive “Yes I Will”.


Aeron attaches a ring at the back side of the phone which he wears on his finger. The owner of the  church Little Vegas Chapel think that what is this happening but after he thought and say let’s do it. According to Kelly, everyone has love with their phone and all we live like husband and wife  we always live together, we wake and sleep with our phone always. The phone now being the important part of our life.

This marriage is given us a notice or we can say it remember that we give more time to our phones instead of that time give to our family. By this, we can understand that now give the time to your family, not to your beloved phone and never think to marry your phone. But a thing that reminds in our mind that marry to a phone is OK but what to their look like.

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