LeEco Upcoming Phone Photos Got Leak, You Will Love This Phone.

Watch new smartphone launched by LeEco company soon and its leak from the company inside watch its pic


LeEco is not in Business in the smartphone from a long time, But now this company from China is making his mark in the market with their phones. A few months back in April they have launched 3 smartphones, Le 2, Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2, and it appears similar yet different LeEco-branded smartphone is originating. The new smartphone by LeEco is coming and it makes its land on AnTuTu freshly, and fundamentally approve that a new Qualcomm-made land SoC is coming soon to the market. This company soon have called a press meeting on 29th of June 2016, we are expecting that they are going to launch their smartphone at this conference.


That by his we can see that project is launched on AnTuTu soon, But till today we have not got any design from the company side till today itself. But someone from company leaked the images of the phone and we can see in the pics that they are making this phone different from their past phones, the design of this phone is quite interesting and different. Now their is the image of the back cover and you can understand from this the design of the smartphone till a point. By watching it we can confirm that this phone will get the dual camera at the back and this phone also got the feature of fingerprint scanner like another phone launching now. This phone is basically make out of metal and it has also antenna on the top and at the bottom as looking in the pic. If the design looking of the antenna will be same in the launched product then it should have the good reason for that and it have some look like the smartphone launched in April of Meizu PRO 6. But till now, we have not seen dual camera setup for this company if the phone launched with this feature then it will be the benchmark for the company. And all the things will confirm soon after the launching of the phone.

Specification of the smartphone launching by the company


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