Google Is All Set To Compete With Apple And Samsung

You will get Google Brand Smart Phone by the last of this year. According to a report, Google is ready to launch its phone and they are talking about telecom services for the launching and as co-partner of the phone.


After the launch of this phone, this will give tough competition to Apple and it will destroy its monopoly in the market. According to a news Google and the talks going between mobile operator said that by this move google will be a strong companion in Hardware Industry of phones.

According to the source from the inside of the company they tell us that this device will be launched till the last of this year. On this phone, Google has the most of its right and more control by this company.


From this company they say that they are launching its phone last year but they don’t complete its promise. Now the CEO of the company Sunder Pichai said clearly that they will not finish their contracts with their partner companies with them they will launch its own product in the market.

Many peoples saying that by this step taken by this company there will be rust between in future with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). On the other side, their is no clarification given by the company.


We tell you that this company launches a product last year and they try their hand in manufacturing where they launch a tablet name Pixel C tablet. Company launches it with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.


So now we all have to wait until the end of this year and watch that what features will be there in this smartphone launched by the company. Forgetting updated news on this product comment below and we will provide you all the details about the phone and its features.

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