If You Get This Guest At 4 AM in Your Home. What Will You Do??

What would you do if a panther-like this will roam in your house freely at 4 am in the morning.

If the person like us or itself like me or any sane person find this type of news from our area than its should be some shocking for me because if a giant panther will roam in my house in the morning at 4 am we will shock at we will not enter again for next 2 days because of fear.


But you will find this type of news in Australia a common thing they don’t surprise by getting these type of guests to appear in their home. Those who live under the earth or below us have their own rules and regulation they don’t worry about our rules. The news you are watching in the pic available here happens to the women living in Queensland, Australia.Well, these pics are 100% terrifying our souls.

This is happening at the Trina Hibberd, on Mission Beach, Queens Land, Australia, this guest appears in their bedroom in the morning in past month. The guest you are watching in the pics is a 16 foot, 66 pounds Python freely roam in their house.


The women uploaded the video on Fb and on youtube. In that video, we can easily we can easily watch that how the python roaming and make his way from the hallway and entering the house, after that the python easily take a crawl around the Hat stand as well as with some of the pic frames.


This is not the first time of this lady to have her encounter with this guest she met with this guest in past 2012 the at that time they meet in the outdoor of the house but this time this guest is the success to enter the house. This python is called the scrub python it is one of the largest python available in Australia found to be in the roof.

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