Finally Karishma Kapoor And Sanjay kapoor Got Divorce After Long Fight Find Out the Reason For Their Divorce

Mumbai family court finally gives their order to finish the marriage of Bollywood Actress Karishma Kapoor and Business Man Sanjay Kapoor. Now these both have to get an official order to be out of their marriage. From many days they both are not living together with their main dispute is on their Kids custody. After the settlement done by them both now, they are officially getting divorce.


For their financial dispute and their kid’s custody we don’t get any final report. These two points are in their personnel settlement these should be settled out of the court



Karishma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor married in 2003 29 September. This is the Karishma First marriage but Sanjay second Marriage.


After this marriage both of them getting very bitter to each other by which reason Karishma Come back to her home in 2010 and file case of divorce in Delhi High Court which gives them suggestion to settlement on yourself


According to reports, Sanjay has made many Shocking Revelations about himself. According to Karishma Sanjay always treat him badly and many times he beat her Karishma told that she use makeup for hiding the marks.


Karishma is Sanjay second wife, by this marriage they two kids Samara and Kiyan.


According to Karishma, Sanjay always beat him and she use makeup to hide the marks.


These are two kids of Sanjay and Karishma name Samara and Kiyan


According to Karishma When Her kid is 4-month-old he is sick due to which she can’t able to go England with her husband Sanjay due to which Sanjay go alone to England. Later when Karishma went England then Sanjay not came to home whole night.


Karishma also told media that he never take any responsibility toward his kids he always busies in playing golf. Not only this Karishma also say that on Honeymoon night she listen Sanjay talking to his brother that how much money did Karishma can bring.


According to a report once Sanjay gift a dress to Karishma from his Mother which dress not fit to Karishma because she is pregnant than Sanjay ask his mother to Slap Karishma. Another report says that Sanjay is living in Delhi with Another Women.


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