Film Udta Punjab Leak On Net

Film Udta Punjab is in trouble from the beginnings first it is in Censor Board then Court and finally its copy leak on net. Film Udta Punjab leak before its release date. After the news of its leaks the production team and Mumbai police is in action and starts the investigation. Before the team remove it from the net it has been downloaded by millions.


After a long fight, the police is able to hack only 4 websites and remove the link of the film. But the big question is that how this film leaks before it’s release? With all the scenes which are cut by the censor board. Mumbai police Ashok Dudhe say that the report is the file in IT act and the cyber cell is interrogating this case.

In this case, police said that film is uploaded on the internet at 15 June night between 2 or 3 and this film is on that website for at least 7 hours in between millions download this film. According to Cyber Cell they are suspecting 20 peoples. These 20 peoples are from Production Team and the team which have taken the  film print and some peoples are from the censor board.

Censor board Director Pehlaez Nihalani says that this is done the makers of the film and put the blame on the producers and the makers of the film. Rather than this the film crosses all its problems and going to release on this Friday. Now the film will high or down it is in the audience.

On this incident film, actor Aamir Khan said on Thursday that if this is the copy of censor board than the censor board should have regrets and they have to something to their department. He also says that he will watch this film on theater in Punjab only. This should be also the serious crime of piration from which Bollywood industry fighting from a long time.

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