Definitely You Will Hate This Guy After Watching These Pics

Travers Beynon is the guy who has the most follower from Australian Personalities on Instagram. Many guys hate this man and many love this man for his outstanding lifestyle.


One of the most works done by this man by which people love him and many hate him for he buys girls and treat them as his pets. He calls himself the “Candyman” and he lives in a mansion which he named “Candy Mansion”.


This guy is a self-made man now he is a millionaire and soon he will be in the list of Billionaire. He spends his most of the income on buying the girls and he makes all the girls to wear Bikini or nothing many times. After this he buys girls to do anything with those girls means anything he wants.



He married to miss the world but he is the man who did not satisfy with one girl. So he starts to buying girls for completing his satisfaction. He became the sensation on the internet after posting a pic where he holds two girls with their Bikini strips like a dog in the middle of the street in this their are two girls one is his wife and another girl is his servant.


The main business of this man is in tobacco and has the net worth of Dollar 50 million. Having this huge amount in a bank he don’t use plates to eat the food he eats on the naked body of the girls and enjoy the food on the body of the girls. LOL!


He loves to surround by girls all the time and he has girls from all the countries and all type of culture. In his mention, there are 6 bedrooms where he sleeps with many naked models and does all the nasty thing he wants to do to satisfy himself.


Just he is doing all this to show the world that with money we can buy anything in the world we want. Many girls are ready to loose virginity for him and ready to do all nasty things for him.


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