Deepika Padukone Is Ready To Set Up Fire In Spain With Her New Look

Deepika is ready to set Spain on fire with her new look in IIFA 2016.

Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone has become a style icon in youth for her newly and fresh reachable fresh styles statements. This actress will never be seen in old-style she bring always the new style to the market and her style become an icon for youth. Now, this time, Deepika saw in a new look with Pyjama over fancy dressing. We can’t understand the dressing style but she is looking gorgeous in this look.

Deepika is in Spain for the IIFA awards show 2016 is seen roaming theirs with having a silk satin robe jacket and pants. This actress look gorgeous every time but this time, she is producing fire in the hearts with this she wears MiuMiu sunglasses with blue Chloe outfit and Christian Louboutin Pumps.

This time, we can say that the devil style can call the fashion style all the things are going so perfect with each other that they became the icon for the youth. Deepika carries this dress confidently at the Tissot Launch in Spain.

There she has to develop her fashion style after she step in Hollywood and she also develop her fashion outcome, Her taste in choosing fashion is also gone a level high and we all love her fashion style now she is doing it.

She is not the only one who is gone for the IIFA award all the actors has now reach. But the Actress from Piku set an example there for other divas available for the attending the awards. She is look up with her new dress which is style by Shaleena Nathani.

Now let us have a look at her in this outlook and how she is looking in her Spain photoshoot so look at some of the pics.











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