Pooja Mishra, Big Boss Contestant Put Allegation Of Gang Rape, Report File.

Model and Big Boss Contestant Pooja Mishra put allegation of gang rape on 3 men in Jaipur, where she doing the shooting of her Life Style TV show Abhi To Party Shuru Hui H.


During the shooting of this show, this incident happen. According to Pooja Mishra, she hires 3 videographers from Jaipur for her show. Mausim, Harish, and Suhan are the 3 videographers. She has contract of rs 8,000 as daily payment.

After shooting Pooja take all videographers to Grand Uniyara hotel for give them party. Then Pooja said one of the videographers give something intoxicating thing after which all these videographers do gang rape with her. Pooja Mishra files report against all 3 videographers in the morning. Police start their interrogations.

Pooja Mishra always being in controversies

This is not the first time for Pooja Mishra to come to the headlines after giving these type of statements and doing such thing sometime before their is video viral in which Pooja Mishra beating the hotel staff. After that Pooja file case aginst Sonakshi Sinha and her Mother. That they are trying to mentally harass her for some old reason. After the police interrogation, all these cases are declared as fraud. Other than this police check the CCTV footage of the hotel and ask the neighbors of Pooja Mishra in the hotel and none of them say anything about the Gang Rape and nobody saw 3 videographers running from there. Medical reports are not clearing about the rape.


On Wednesday Pooja has to submit her statement in front of Judge. When police interrogate the case the police find the case of fraud and Pooja have to give rs 1,50,000 to a saloon. The owner of the Style and Season Saloon, Ritu Deswal file case against Pooja that she came to the saloon and use their services and their products for 2 days free when they ask for their money then Pooja say she will not give any money and she will file Fraud case against them.

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