Some Diffrences between John Abraham And Wife Priya Runchal?

Some news coming from the Bollywood but many of us don’t like it because this news is about John Abrahan and Priya Runchal.

Many different type news comes this year for many patch ups and many breakups in the Bollywood industry at this time the new news is coming from one of our favorite actor John Abraham some news is coming that there is something which is making differences between John Abraham and Wife Priya Runchal. This news will make some of you sad but what will we do this is true news rumoring in B-Town.

john-priya #anni

If we report submitted by than their are some difference going between John Abraham And wife Priya Runchal Their marriage is going through rough time. Miss has basically attached the statement to Deccan Chronicle.

It extracts a partner of the star as the state, that there is nothing to worry about them till now nothing is serious between them as on another hand there is also not so right things going between both of them. these two are hardly living together .now distance does not make the heart grow attached, but makes the heart digress. But John Abraham is busy in his career and his wife Priya Runchal is not taking off from her job in U.S. we think she is not comfortable with John Bollywood friends either.

We just hope that all the things will sort out and they both come back with each as soon.

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