5 Insane Ways To Get High In Ancient Times

Peoples get high from different ways and this is not the new thing getting high is going through our ancient times. This is also said that if you were thinking about contemporary drugs is a bizzare things you can do. Here you will found that how our ancient peoples use insane methods to go high.

US soldiers use their guns for getting weed and got high

During Vietnam wars soldier use their guns to make the bongs. They also use this way on C-4 to get high but they suddenly stop this method because of this many soldier got sick.

Laughing Gas is used to get high


When laughing gas invented then this gas is used in house parties to get high and enjoyed the party and after invention this gas is used for medicine after 70 years.

Eating Human Flesh


Yes this is true that in ancient times many peoples use to eat human flesh to get high you can see records that from Mayans to Romans, many of them chew the human flesh to get high. Leonardo da Vinci is one of them.

Women’s added Cocain to their padlock


As we know that the medicines are always be very allergic to every one so in ancient times doctors said to women to spray drugs on padlock before inserting them to them by which they will get some help to decrease their period pain.

Eating Cavity and riding Mop


Housewives during the Middle Ages got high by boil begot, which is a form of mold that grows on rye. In fact, the high they got from it was so strong that they felt like they were flying. That’s why we partner images of women flying on brooms with black magic!

So friends we have only to say that please don’t use any type of Drugs because by this you will distract from your path and you will get bad luck in your life and especially don’t use the eating human flesh to get high.

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