Every Role Is Important Like Life and Death: MANOJ VAJPAYEE

Bollywood industry have some actors who know to play the roleand create magic in their role and one of them is ACTOR MANOJ VAJPAYEE. Manoj Vajpayee cover a longdistance threater to tv serial and thjen tv serial to bollywood industry. He him self say that he play every role like this will be his lst role of his life. Manoj vajpayee is very busy in upcoming movie TRAFFIC. In this movie he paly a role of traffic constable…

Here is a part of interview of manoj vajpayee

anni manoj

Film trailor isgetting good review, How did you getting reviews from audience?

We are getting wonder full response for the film. Every one is talking about the film. Film trailor is giving them a mark in their hearts. Its good to know when every one know about the film and waiting for it relese date.

Their are lot of preparation done for releasing the film if i tell you i dont think that you can understand . because a actor done a practice of year to play the role. We have to Work according to role  and we have to work according to the director. I have done lot of practice for thisrole also. I fully enjoyed for playing  this role. This role is so easy due to the coordinate and actors aand their talent.

You done a fabulous work in every type of role you make arole a magical what is the secret behind it?

Thanks forthe compliment. the secret behind it that i have done lot of traffic. I done every role as the last role of my life. Due to this reason I think we done a good work.

Before signing the film what you see?

The script shoul be good and different. the story of the film should like never before. My role will unique that i have not play in my past films. I only prefer these things before signing the film.


Your next film is totally based on traffic. Any time this happen that you are in emergency and you stuck in traffic?

This happen lot of time. If you live in mumbai than you stuck in traffic again and again. In mumbai you can stuck in traffic for 2 to 3 hours. Once i have reach home urgently but due to traffic I got late for 2 hours. Mainly in the season of monsoon this is normal that you will stuck in traffic everywhere.


The producer of TRAFFIC is died in february how do you feel to work with him?

He is very lovable person. He work hard for every film. I felt him like a teddy bear. He is very happy person he done his work like a child. I miss him very much.

We listen that you are putting special screening for this film with three Khans?

This work is not done by me. Producing company want to do this work if this happen I am very happy. I will personally welcome all of them.

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