Salman Raises Question On Making Tendulkar And Rehman Messenger

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New Delhi: When Bollywood actor Salman makes the messenger of Rio Olympic games then there are many controversies on it because he is not a player. Many people’s file a petition against it for making him the messenger. Not only this great athlete Milkha Singh is also standing against Salman for this decision and raise many questions. After appointing Salman as the messenger in few hours this is the controversy talk of the news. Yogeshwar Dutt the bronze medal winner also says him by giving the tweet.

As well when Sachin Tendulkar and Singer A.R. Rehman make the messenger of Rio Olympic then in the press conference Salman put question against both of them. Salman says media should treat Sachin and Rehman as they treated Salman. Why the media not making controversy for both of them?

According to an english newspaper, Bollywood actor Salman says media not give them coverage for them both as the media give coverage to him. he also states that one of them is not a player and the other one plays only one game. He asked the question to media that for calling Rehman as the player he should have State level Certificate or he has to win any medal at the national level.

Salman does not stop here he also says that the kids those try to play the game and due to some reason they are not able to move on than those kids are also not the players. If any kid has a role model for them then those are also not the players? Why there is controversy on him.

When someone ask the question to Salman that due to the cases against him in court he does not make the messenger this question Salman says that a person with cases in court have the problem to be a messenger of Olympic than why there are politicians as leader ruling with many cases then why are they are giving this authority. Is OLYMPIC is more important to our Country? He says that my country is more important to me if those politicians leave their seats which have running cases in court he will also leave the messenger of Rio Olympic. At last, he also states that many politicians have major crime Cases like scandals, corruption, and malfeasance but those leaders ruling without any controversies.


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