Some Facts About Ekta Kapoor

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    Ekta Kapoor has made her name in the industry and in the heart of the audience. when she is 19 years old she starts to work on the screen. Ekta Kapoor is famous with the name of “television queen”. She directed more done 70 Television Serials. Let know some things relate to Ekta

    • Ekta always loves to have potato chips while watching TV and she likes to attend parties.
      • She works in For Production House before joining Balaji Production House
      • In 1990 Ekta father Started the Production House when Ekta is in college. He started with the name of ASIA TV serial. Ekta father ask her to work with them but Ekta don wants to work but she says YES because of her Father
      • Rather than this Jitender always says to Ekta today I m here by my own and He alway want that his children also work and then spend it
      • During this time due to the wrong decision many projects closed. One of the projects is ASIA. Due to this Ekta has to face the loss of 2.5 crores. After these losses they left only some lakh rupees with the help of theses money they started a show in 1994 “Hum Paanch” and this serial is a benchmark in Ekta career and this serial make all the losses cover.
    • After this fame, Ekta wants to call her a film star Jeetender Daughter, not a Daily Shop Queen.
    • During her career, Ekta never faces gender equality she has to face age factor because at the age of 19 she lost her time in parties and riding fast cars.
    • Ekta gives all credit t her mother because of her she is a famous producer and creative director.
    • In 2000 Ekta touches the sky in this year many serial are on the list of the world ranking.
    • Ekta always wants to live in joint family.For this reason, she always put the joint family in her serials.
    • The year 2008 is not a successful year for extra because 5 out of 15 serial gets hit the audience. After this Ekta understand that not to take work so personally.
    • Many films done with Imran Hashmi and Ajay Devgan got hit.
    • She not to like meet big celebrity rather she always wants to go out to dinner with them.
    • Ekta loves to watch American TV serials. She felt refresh after watching those serials.
    • Due to trust issues, Ekta does not marry till yet.
    • Kasauti Zindagi Ki is one of the favorite serials of Ekta.
    • Ekta role model and the biggest critic is her Mother.
    • Ekta never wants to work as the producer because she doesn’t have any knowledge about Art Of Direction. But Ekta loves to write stories that why she makes her career in creative Director.
    • Ekta also in news due to her dresses in parties and on sets also.
    • In 2008, Ekta has some financial issues with Sanjay Dutt of Rs 1.25 Crore in which Ekta file case against Sanjay Dutt with the help of Sunil Shetty.
    • Ekta believes in astrology in one of the show starting one astrologer says to her that if she put the name of the serials with “K” than the serial will go successfully after that incident all the serial launch by Ekta will start with”K”.
    • For her every new film launching she always did Pooja and Havan so that film will super hit on box office.
    • Ekta signs Sunny Leone in 2011 For “Ragini MMM2” which is released in 2014. During this period, they both get best friends.
    • Jeetender always says that where her daughter Stand she is only by her hard work.
    • Ekta uses Dolby Atmos technology in her latest film “AZHAR” in this technology in the theater you will listen many character sound from different speakers.


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