One Dead Body On Floor Three Hanging On Ceiling

Tamil-Nadu: Tamil Nadu gets in shock when they listen to the retired police officer and 4 family members found dead in their home. Tamil Nadu police interrogating about that this is a suicide case or it is planned murder for the whole family.

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4 Peoples did suicide or them murder

This case is from the locality of Tamil Nadu some neighbor tell police that they are getting a bad smell from the house than police enter the house by breaking the door their police found an old man dead body is on the floor and three dead bodies hanging from ceiling.

Dead Body Get Decompose

Police tell that all the body get start decomposing. For that reason neighbor getting the smell. After neighbor verifications, police identify the dead body as Retired office 62 years Kanan, his wife 58-year shanta kumari, his 2 sons 25-year Radha Krishna and 22-year daughter Prabha.

Police Interrogation About Case

Police search their home but failed to get any clue from their home by which they can tell how they all died. police file the report. Now police is focussing that if the whole family committed suicide than what will be the matter they are interrogating from neighbour.

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