Udta Punjab: Anurag Kashyap Gone Against Sensor Board TO Mumbai High Court

Yes This Is True Anurag Kashyap Case File Against Sensor Board In Mumbai High Court For His Upcoming Film Udta Punjab…

New Delhi:  As we all know that upcoming film UDTA PUNJAB is surrounding with many controversies sensor board put the ban on this film for which producer and director Anurag Kashyap go to Mumbai’s high court and demand A certificate for his upcoming film. Now the court has submitted the case and by listening that Anurag Kashyap gets some good news about his film.

High court give orders to the revising committee on the petition of Anurag Kashyap that they have to submit the letter in the court in which they have to give full detail why sensor board cutting the scenes  and many other things are asked by the court to that committee and they order hem. Revising Committee is not hand over the letter to Anurag Kashyap.

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CBFC member ASHOK PANDIT said that ask sensor board that about their problems and any one problem in releasing the film. He also said that if we are not allowed to put our films names on our state so than where we have to put the names of the films. If sensor board have any problem with the film script then why they release the trailer of the film without cutting the scenes. If the trailer can launch without cutting the scenes then why the film not. he also asked that if there is any pressure of political party then why they release the trailer of the film. He also put fingers on the sensor board work and say that sensor board is not working their work correctly before and after their should be any type of problem running the sensor board team.


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